EMERALD's involvement in trading varies across many different products and industries. Our experts are working directly with suppliers to ensure the best grade and quickest response time. We are aiming at being the most efficient when dealing with any kind of products while working in complete transparency and responsible manner.

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We process more than 10 different minerals extracted from over 50 mineral deposits around the world. Emerald continuously replaces and develops its mineral reserves and resources to ensure we hold an average of 3 months worth of production in reserves.


We process more than 10 different gemstones extracted from over 20 mineral deposits around the world. EMERALD GROUP continuously maintain its relations among producers to ensure we find and hold the best quality grade for all gemstones. 


We help producers in 2 different countries to develop and provide over 20 type of spices and coffees. Emerald continuously accompany its suppliers to ensure we provide the best quality in all our commodities products.